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Many children make errors when they pronounce words. Most children learn how to say all of the speech sounds correctly by the time they are eight years old. Some sounds are easier to say then other sounds. These are usually the sounds that children learn first. The following table shows the typical age range when children learn each sound.

3 Years

2 Years

p    puppy, up

m   mom, drum

h    house

n    no, man

w   water

b   baby, tub

4 Years

5 Years

6 Years

k   cookie, duck

g   gum, dog

d   daddy, bed

t    toe, hat

ng singer, ring

f    four, off

y   yes

7 Years

8 Years

r   red, bird, car

l   lion, balloon, smell

s   soap, bus

sh shoe, fish

ch chair, watch

z   zoo, buzz

j   jump

v   van, love

th  thumb, tooth

th  the, mother

zh  measure, beige

Speech Language Pathologists use the following milestones as a general guideline:

By age 3 years: p, m, h, n, w

By age 4 years: b, k, g, d, f, y

By age 6 years: t, ng, r, l

By age 7 years: ch, sh, j, th (thumb)

By age 8 years: s, z, v, th (the), zh

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