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The following articles provide answers to frequently asked questions about speech and language.

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Reading Risk Indicators

The following is a general list of risk factors for reading difficulties by grade level. Please note that the list is not all-inclusive and should be interpreted with reference to age and grade expectations. Learn more here.

    Developmental Speech

    This article explores Speech and Language Developmental Milestones in children from birth to 5 years. Read full article.

    Speech After Stroke

    This article explains speech conditions that may result from stroke. Learn more here.

    Speech vs Language

    The term “speech” is used to refer to the physical aspects of communicating a message. There are
    3 major aspects of speech. Read full article.

    Developmental Milestones

    Speech and Language development for ages
    2-3. Learn more here.

    Speech and Language development for ages
    3-4. Learn more here.

     Swallowing Difficulties

    An article outlining signs and symptoms of swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).
    Read full article.


    Many children make errors when they pronounce words. Most children learn how to say all the speech sounds correctly by the time they are eight years old. Some sounds are easier to say than others. Learn more here.

    What is Language?

    Language is the organization of sounds or symbols that are used to communicate thoughts or feelings. Learn more here.