Rana Gupta B.Sc B.Ed M.A.SLP


Rana is an Experienced Clinician in healthcare, education, and community.

Her background is in clinical speech pathology, teaching & special education.

At Speech Pathology Joshua Creek we work alongside parents, physicians, & educators to maximize results.

We work with preschoolers, school age children and adults, specializing in identification, assessment, early intervention & parent training.

Consultant Speech Pathologist in both public and private educational environments.

Clinical Speech Pathologist in rehabilitation and acute care hospital environments.

Rana has special interests in developing early reading skills, identifying underlying language difficulties which could potentially impact academic progress. Our goal is to improve quality of communication and facilitate interactions with others.

In addition to completing her educational background in Speech Language Pathology, Rana also holds an Ontario teaching certificate in Special Education. This is particularly helpful in strategic planning for children with underlying speech or language issues and academic difficulties.

She is an experienced clinician with a wide range of clinical experience in hospital, educational and community environments. Rana began her career at Hamilton Health Sciences specializing in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, moving into clinical management of neurogenic disorders at community hospitals. She expanded her scope of practice by working with children as a Consultant SLP in both public and private academic settings.

Rana provides guidance to families when having to consider complex academic directions or coping with loved ones who have communication difficulties as a result of neurological conditions.